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Wild Images: wildlife photography


Particular emphasis on Wild Horses worldwide

All The Wild Horses

Be on the lookout for our book (published in the Fall of 2006 and now in its third printing) about Wild Horses. To read more about this, please follow this link.

Since the 1970's, our passion has been to go to wild places and to photograph the wildlife of the world. As a result of these trips, we have tens of thousands of wildlife photographs in our files. By publishing our work for others to see, we hope to share our love of wild places and creatures. Many of the people that see our photographs will never have the opportunity to see these birds and animals in their natural environment. Perhaps our photos will stir their imaginations to help preserve the wild places of the world.

Wildlife photography has enriched our lives in ways we cannot count. It has taken us to some of the most beautiful and remote places on Earth, where we have been able to observe birds and animals behaving as they have since the beginning of time. We are lucky to be doing work we love!

Please take this opportunity to share our wonder at the world around us.!

Charles G. Summers, Jr.
Rita O. Summers