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The Staff at Wild Images (Charlie and Rita)

Charlie was named Wildlife Photographer of the Year by BBC Wildlife in 1985. Rita is one of the women photographers represented in "Mother Earth," a collection of works of women writers and photographers.

Their photographic work has been published in Audubon, Backpacker, BBC Wildlife,  Kid City, Kosmos, Living Bird, National/International Wildlife,  National Geographic and National Geographic World, Natural History, Nature Conservancy, Orion, Outdoor Photographer, People, Ranger Rick, Sierra, Terre Savage and numerous calendars, cards and postcards as well as ads for Colorado Tourism, US Government and many national companies.  One of their current projects is a book on wild horses of the world.

What kind of images does Wild Images have?

We have antelope racing, bee-eaters bonding, birds courting, bison bellowing, bobcats bounding, cheetah chasing, eagles flying, elephants bathing, elk sparring, flamingoes feeding, gannets greeting, giraffe necking, gemsbok fighting, grebes grooming, grouse dancing, hippos yawning, horses sprinting, hyenas skulking, impala leaping, jaguars snarling, kangaroos hopping, koalas snoozing, lions feasting, lynx leaping, mountain goats playing, penguins promenading, porcupines bristling, prairie dogs barking, rams ramming, rhinos running, sea lions sunning, skunks scenting, springbok pronking, suricates searching, swans swimming, tigers swimming and zebra drinking.