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  • Slide #00000-00000
    Male Cheetah atop red dune in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park IMG_6821
  • Slide #0000-00000
    African Wildcat holding off Cheetah 35 5000
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Cheetah juvenile atop Auob River Valley ridge IMG_1003
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Cheetah family using a Serengeti mound as a prey spotting vantage point IMG_9724
  • Slide #05150-08502
    Portrait of a cheetah yawning acinonyx jubatus rs tanz 05150-08502
  • Slide #05150-08501
    Portrait of a cheetah walking across serengeti plain acinonyx jubatus rs tanz 05150-08501
  • Slide #05150-08406
    Adult cheetah alert for prey in the central kalahari desert (acinonyx jubatus) cs bots 05150-08406
  • Slide #05150-08402
    Cheetah in tawny grass in the central kalahari cs bots 05150-08402
  • Slide #05150-07507
    Cheetah group at marking tree cs namibia 05150-07507
  • Slide #05150-06915
    Cheetah stretching against clump of desert grass cs s africa 05150-06915
  • Slide #05150-06818
    Cheetah running full speed chasing springbok prey cs s africa 05150-06818
  • Slide #05150-06816
    Cheetah stretched out in full run cs s africa 05150-06816
  • Slide #05150-06814
    Cheetah busting through kalahari scrub chasing springbok prey cs s africa 05150-06814
  • Slide #05150-06807
    Cheetah running at full speed stretched out cs s africa 05150-06807
  • Slide #05150-04819
    Adult female cheetah cs s africa 05150-04819
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