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Lion, penguin, rhino, leopard, cheetah, elephant, giraffe, hyena, porcupine, antelope, and more...

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  • Slide #00000-00000
    Lesser Prairie Chicken Cock booming on ancertral lek 235 9000
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Swarm of Red-winged Blackbirds gets airborn CGS17107
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Snow Goose set for a water landing IMG_1018
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Female Prairie Falcon at its nest site with five ravenous chicks 148CN 9000
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Canada Goose flock taking off CGS17723
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Greater Sandhill Crane sauna CGS10185
  • Slide #05050-01007
    Bateleur takes off after being charged by Meercat group 05050-01007
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Hen white-tailed Ptarmigan just starting to turn to summer plumage
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Two Greater Sandhill Cranes landing in unison CGS16833
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Seeing double-Two Gabar Goshawk at bathing puddle IMG_4560
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Light Goose mass ascension CGS 14285
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Northern Shoveler Hen making a water landing CGS16627
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Male White-tailed Ptarmigan in winter coat with red eyebrow showing
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Merriams Tom Turkey in full strut 0R7E4718
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Marsh Hawk hunting at Bosque del Apache IMG_0673
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Ert Rufous Night Heron _MG_5710
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Black Bear wading creek IMG_1478
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Black Bear plying Neets Creek looking for Salmon CGS15117
  • Slide #0000-00000
    African Wildcat holding off Cheetah 35 5000
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Male Cheetah atop red dune in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park IMG_6821
  • Slide #0000-0000 A
    Boseli Elephant group with marauding Cattle Egrets IMG_5951
  • Slide #00000-00000
    African Elephant walking towards setting sun 1
  • Slide #00000-00000
    King Salmon leaping out of Eagle Creek CGS13616
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Dolly Varden or Pink Salmon breaching CGS13583
  • Slide #00000-00000
    King Salmon leaping out of the water CGS13783
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Backlit Leopard kicks up dust late in the afternoon in Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya IMG_5203
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Two Lion Cubs resting after a play period IMG_8125
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Lion cub with dirt mound pillow IMG_8154
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Lion Cubs at play IMG_8228
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Leopard Seal issueing a low growl 0R7E3067
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Killer Whale ready to slap the surface with its tail while feeding CGS17608
  • Slide #09530-00803
    Australian Sea Lion Bull leaves tracks as it heads out to sea 09530-00803
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Porpoising Bottle-nosed Dolphin with two parasitic Suckerfish attached _MG_4065
  • Slide #09540-00210
    Hookers Sea Lion Bull leaves the beach and returns to the sea 09540-00210
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Bottle-nosed Dolphin performing IMG_0207
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Harbor Seal youngster about to enter the water IMG_2764
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Humpback Whale causing a huge splash IMG_2148
  • Slide #09480-01008
    Yellow-eyed Penguin kicks up sand as it crosses a New Zealand beach 09480-01008
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Two Chinstrap Penguins make a South Orkneys landing _MG_7889
  • Slide #00000-00000
    A group of Magellanic Penguins huddled together on a Falkland Islands beach IMG_2353
  • Slide #00000-00000
    A waddle of Magellanic Penguins prepared to go to sea 0R7E2830
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Sunset on a Gentoo Penguin rookery 0R7E2479
  • Slide #06061-00103
    S whistling rat at burrow entrance in kalahari desert cs bots 06061-00103
  • Slide #06065-02506
    Black rhinoceros in arid desert habitat cs namib 06065-02506
  • Slide #06230-03806
    Suricate (meercat) stands on edge of burrow for morning warmup cs bots 06230-03806
  • Slide #06390-08602
    Plains zebra resting his head on another zebras back equus burchellii rs tanz 06390-08602
  • Slide #06390-08603
    Plains zera stallions fight by biting at each others legs equus burchellii rs tanz 06390-08603
  • Slide #09717-00102
    Fairy tern pair in flight sterna nereis cs cocos 09717-00102
  • Slide #09839-00101
    Cocos island purple land crab in defensive posture cardisoma carnifex cs 09839-00101
  • Slide #05890-20513
    Lion cub resting by curling up on tree root cs panthera leo zambia 05890-20513
  • Slide #06009-00201
    Pink backed pelican on lake in ngorongora crater pelecanus rufescens rs tanz 06009-00201
  • Slide #05960-00601
    Vervet monkey sitting in tree watching cercopithecus aethiops rs tanz 05960-00601
  • Slide #05586-00905
    Mountain gorilla baby sucking mothers thumb volcanoes national park gorilla gorilla beringei rs rwanda 05586-00905
  • Slide #05300-00216
    Male cape hunting dog bloody from recent kill s africa cs 05300-00216
  • Slide #05586-00904
    Mountain gorilla baby peeking volcanoes national park gorilla gorilla beringei rs rwanda 05586-00904
  • Slide #05130-00101
    Kori bustard puffed up in courtship display ardeotis kori rs tanz 05130-00101
  • Slide #05110-04002
    Old mean looking cape buffalo bull syncerus caffer rs 05110-04002
  • Slide #05110-04001
    Cape buffalo bulls sparring syncerus caffer rs tanz 05110-04001
  • Slide #05110-03718
    African buffalo cow with cattle egret hanging out for insects cs namib 05110-03718
  • Slide #05110-02819
    Backlit african buffalo herd ghosting in dust at sunrise cs botswana 05110-02819
  • Slide #05085-00101
    Dung beetle resting on dung ball scarabaeidae family rs tanz 05085-00101
  • Slide #05040-02402
    Chacma baboon leaping with baby clinging under stomach rs botswana 05040-02402
  • Slide #05450-00401
    Lesser flamingo flexing wings ngorongora crater phoeniconaias minor rs tanz 05450-00401
  • Slide #05550-03901
    Gemsbok at skyline at sunrise central kalahari (oryx gazella) cs botswana 05550-03901
  • Slide #05586-00901
    Mountain gorilla silverback in volcanoes national park gorilla gorilla beringei rs rwanda 05586-00901
  • Slide #05586-00906
    Mountain gorilla baby in volcanoes national park gorilla gorilla beringei rs rwanda 05586-00906
  • Slide #05640-00701
    Helmeted guinea fowl portrait numida meleagris rs tanz 05640-00701
  • Slide #05880-00101
    Kalahari desert leopard cs s africa 05880-00101
  • Slide #05880-00105
    Leopard atop red kalahari desert sand dune cs s africa 05880-00105
  • Slide #05586-00903
    Mountain gorilla mother holding baby volcanoes national park gorilla gorilla beringei rs rwanda 05586-00903
  • Slide #05890-09008
    African lion standing on termite mound for a better viewpoint cs s africa 05890-09008
  • Slide #05640-00702
    Helmeted guinea fowl numida meleagris rs tanz 05640-00702
  • Slide #05586-00902
    Mountain gorilla silverback in volcanoes national park gorilla gorilla beringei rs rwanda 05586-00902
  • Slide #05890-11907
    African lioness carrying 22 24 day old cub cs rsa 05890-11907
  • Slide #01037-02303
    Portrait of a harp seal pup taken in the gulf of st lawrence rs queb 01037-02303
  • Slide #01037-01809
    2 or 3 day old harp seal resting on ice gulf of st lawrence rs can 01037-01809
  • Slide #00910-00114
    Porcupine trying to climb atop branch cs wy 00910-00114
  • Slide #00050-00904
    Brown bear sow with twin cubs close for protection watches the fishing activity on mcneil cs alaska 00050-00904
  • Slide #05890-18417
    african lioness drinking at desert waterhole cs namibia 05890-18417
  • Slide #00050-01409
    Brown bear boar with dog salmon catch heads for safety of the bank to eat cs alaska 00050-01409
  • Slide #05890-19019
    Lioness laying flat while watching cape buffalo (pantero leo) cs botswana 05890-19019
  • Slide #05890-20101
    Young african lion stretches after napping (pantero leo) cs namibia 05890-20101
  • Slide #05890-12111
    African lioness carrying three week old cub cs rsa 05890-12111
  • Slide #00220-02702
    Coyote out hunting on a cold morning after a snow storm cs wy 00220-02702
  • Slide #00723-01203
    Lynx portrait in winter controlled conditions rs mt 00723-01203
  • Slide #05890-20404
    Male lion roars to get answer to locate rest of his pride cs botswana 05890-20404
  • Slide #01037-01113
    Whitecoat harp seal pup rests and sleeps on ice between nursing sessions rs queb 01037-01113
  • Slide #01037-00312
    Harp seal pup waiting peacefully on the ice for its mother to come and nurse rs queb 01037-00312
  • Slide #05890-20602
    African lion with long mane watching from rock kopjie panthera leo rs tanz 05890-20602
  • Slide #05890-20601
    Two male african lions probably brothers nuzzling panthera leo rs tanz 05890-20601
  • Slide #00723-01302
    Portrait of a lynx with summer green background controlled conditions rs mt 00723-01302
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Four young Western Black-tailed Prairie Dogs atop burrow CGS10864
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Backlit Elephant kicks up dust IMG_6349
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Brown Bears fight over fishing spot 230 9000
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Black Bear stealthily approaching a King Salmon in shallow water CGS15282
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Crested Caracara pair 0R7E0964
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Bat-eared Fox huddle IMG_3031
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Gambels Quail in snow CGS18166
  • Slide #00000-00000
    On golden pond-Greater Sandhill Crane CGS16897
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Greater Sandhill Cranes endure harsh winter conditions IMG_1470
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Humpback Whale breaching in Frederick Sound, Alaska IMG_2146
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Napping Grizzly Bear uses a rock as a pillow IMG_9861
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Striped Hyena on the plains at Ndutu IMG_0676
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Large Mule Deer Buck with swollen neck during the rut CGS17360
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Last flight of the day-Greater Sandhill Cranes CGS18350
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Late arrival-Greater Sandhill Crane landing at watery roost CGS17644
  • Slide #00000 00000
    Leopard walking in Lake Nakuru burn area IMG_5214
  • Slide #00000 00000
    Rocky Mountain Goat foraging in the snow for food 5000
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Olive Baboons playing tag 0R7E8436
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Swift Fox Vixen interacts with her kits IMG_0020
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Vixen Swift Fox standing so her eight kits could nurse IMG_0523
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Elephant Seal Bull putting on his moves 0R7E6851
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Two Black Bear juveniles have an encounter atop a log at Anan Creek CGS15801
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Banded Mongoose clan atop Termite mound IMG_7046
  • Slide #00000-00000
    A late calf surrounded by mature Buffalo IMG_3957
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Southern Elephant Seals in dominance fight 0R7E6557
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Striated Caracara portrait 0R7E6701
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Atlantic Puffin just getting airborn IMG_4767
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Wild Horses in single file
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Antelope Buck chasing Doe during the rut IMG_8454
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Multicolored band of Wild Horses in the snow 0R7E5813
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Huge full curl Montana Rocky Mountain Bighorn 9000
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Atlantic Puffin with flaps down for landing IMG_5024
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Two North American Badgers checking me out CGS11307
  • Slide #00000-00000
    The jump-yip of a Western black-tailed Prairie Dog IMG_0886
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Strawberry Hermit Crab strolling on Cocos-Keeling beach _MG_2980
  • Slide #00000-00000
    White Rhino-mother and calf IMG_0987
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Ostrich dusting as the setting sun tints the atmosphere IMG_0507
  • Slide #05110-02917
    Backlit African Buffalo herd ghosting by in dust at sunrise (Syncerus caffer) 05110-02917
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Auob River Springbok group coming to water IMG_7469
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Hippopotamus flicking water out of its left ear after surfacing CGS10800
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Light Geese flight in landing pattern CGS18912
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Gabar Goshawk leaving after bathing with its mate IMG_4563
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Franklins Gulls interacting on a Alabama beach _MG_0203
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Atlantic Puffin at the edge of the abyss IMG_4853
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Northern Gannet trying to get airborn IMG_2096
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Singing Western Meadowlark IMG_7381
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Canada Geese taking off CGS17722
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Atlantic Puffin preparing for takeoff IMG_4761
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Black-capped Social Weaver perched on twig below its nest IMG_4137
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Black Bear high in a Hawthorn bush harvesting its fruit CGS12223
  • Slide #05150-08406
    Adult cheetah alert for prey in the central kalahari desert (acinonyx jubatus) cs bots 05150-08406
  • Slide #05150-06814
    Cheetah busting through kalahari scrub chasing springbok prey cs s africa 05150-06814
  • Slide #05150-07507
    Cheetah group at marking tree cs namibia 05150-07507
  • Slide #05150-06915
    Cheetah stretching against clump of desert grass cs s africa 05150-06915
  • Slide #05150-06816
    Cheetah stretched out in full run cs s africa 05150-06816
  • Slide #05150-06818
    Cheetah running full speed chasing springbok prey cs s africa 05150-06818
  • Slide #05150-06807
    Cheetah running at full speed stretched out cs s africa 05150-06807
  • Slide #05150-04819
    Adult female cheetah cs s africa 05150-04819
  • Slide #05150-08402
    Cheetah in tawny grass in the central kalahari cs bots 05150-08402
  • Slide #05150-08501
    Portrait of a cheetah walking across serengeti plain acinonyx jubatus rs tanz 05150-08501
  • Slide #05150-08502
    Portrait of a cheetah yawning acinonyx jubatus rs tanz 05150-08502
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Cheetah juvenile atop Auob River Valley ridge IMG_1003
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Cheetah family using a Serengeti mound as a prey spotting vantage point IMG_9724
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Silhouetted Mule Deer with a light showing through the fog IMG_6670
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Bull Elk in the velvet CGS11407
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Healthy Leopard resting in a Fever Tree IMG_9852
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Southern Elephant Seal Bull using sand mound as a pillow 0R7E7049
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Southern Elephant Seal with Tussic Bird 0R7E6597
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Nesting Adelie Penguin covered with snow and ice 0R7E3228
  • Slide #04200-00104
    Adelie Penguin jumps from ice block to ice block Aptenodytes patagonicus CS Antarctica 04200-00104
  • Slide #04205-00303
    King Penguin pair courting atop grass hummock Aptenodytes patagonicus CS S Geo 04205-00303
  • Slide #04205-00305
    King Penguin pair courting atop grass hummock Aptenodytes patagonicus CS S Geo 04205-00305
  • Slide #04206-00105
    Macaroni Penguin flapping flippers to cool off Eudyptes chrysolophus CA Antar 04206-00105
  • Slide #04206-00102
    Macaroni Penguin on nest warming burrowing chick Eudyptes chrysolophus CA Antar 04206-00102
  • Slide #04205-00309
    King Penguin pair courting atop grass hummock Aptenodytes patagonicus CS S Geo 04205-00309
  • Slide #04206-00101
    Macaroni Penguin adult Eudyptes chrysolophus CA Antar 04206-00101
  • Slide #04207-00309
    Magellanic Penguin coming out of the surf after feeding at sea Spheniscus magellanicus CS Falk 04207-00309
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Royal Crested Penguin portrait IMG_3295
  • Slide #04207-00307
    Magellanic Penguin high stepping it back to iits burrow Spheniscus magellanicus CS Falk 04207-00307
  • Slide #04207-00305
    Two Magellanic Penguins return to shore after feeding at sea Spheniscus magellanicus CS Falk 04207-00305
  • Slide #04207-00303
    Three Magellanic Penguins-immature-return from fishing at sea Spheniscus magellanicus CS Falk 04207-00303
  • Slide #04204-00111
    Four Gentoo Penguin waddle back to their nest from feeding at sea Pygoscelis papua CS Antar 04204-00111
  • Slide #04204-00105
    Adult Gentoo Penguin flaps wings to cool off Pygoscelis papua CS Antar 04204-00105
  • Slide #04200-00102
    Adelie Penguins porpoise out to sea to fish Aptenodytes patagonicus CS Antarctica 04200-00102
  • Slide #04200-00112
    Adelie Penguin hops from rock to Krill splattered rock Aptenodytes patagonicus CS Antarctica 04200-00112
  • Slide #00000-00000
    King Penguins march to the sea with katabatic winds swirling snow around 0R7E1741
  • Slide #00000-00000
    King Penguin satisfying an itch IMG_9305
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Gentoo Penguin and reflection just emerging from the ocean 0R7E1463
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Five dancing Gentoo Penguin
  • Slide #00000-00000
    King Penguin adult surrounded by chicks 0R7E2871
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Nesting Adelie Penguin covered with snow and ice 0R7E3228
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Adelie Penguin yawns while sitting on rock nest 0R7E5097
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Rockhopper Penguin in mid air 0R7E7225
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Male Adelie Penguin standing guard in snow and ice storm over nesting mate 0R7E3208
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Mature King Penguin surrounded by Chicks 0R7E2637
  • Slide #04200-00110
    Adelie Penguin feeding ravenous chicks another adult watches Aptenodytes patagonicus CS Antarctica 04200-00110
  • Slide #00000-00000
    King Penguin adult surrounded by Oakum Boys-jouvenile King Penguins 0R7E2714
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Leopard Seal adult keeps alert while Pup nurses 0R7E4827
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Rockhopper Penguin hopping with nesting material in mouth 0R7E8803
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Adelie Penguin exposes egg and brood patch as she tends to her rock nest 0R7E5134
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Rockhopper Penguin group hurrying to the sea IMG_3068
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Gentoo Penguin diving off iceburg into Antarctics frigid waters 0R7E4783
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Adelie Penguin carrying a rock to build his nest with 0R7E5257
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Gentoo Penguin leaping from rock to rock 0R7E4136
  • Slide #00000-00000
    Oakum Boys (King Penguin chicks) huddled together for warmth 0R7E2747
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